Work and Study In Canada: Leaving the shores of your home country to head to Canada to study can prove to be hectic especially in your pockets. The financial constraints you will face when studying in Canada will not be the same as when doing go to your home country however, Canada is a very reputable country with a recognized degree hence the rush to study in Canada.

Having to handle the finances in Canada might prove daunting but when you have a part-time job, it helps with the constraints and helps pay some bills when studying there.

List of Part-time Jobs International Students Can Do

Below is a list of part-time jobs international students can do while studying in Canada.

Book Keeper

This is one of the best part-time jobs international students can do while studying in Canada. Most bookkeepers do their work after they get off from their studies at school and do so throughout the day.

It’s very important that you ensure that you know how to make sure you always meet your deadlines for each payment because of this reason, many companies hire these individuals.

Most universities are going to require money from their students at some point or the other for tuition fees and also any incidentals like boarding fees. So this means that having a part-time job would give you enough time to keep tabs.


If you are interested in working as a nanny for families with children then this is a good way to earn while studying in Canada. It’s important that you put forward your CV so that employers know what kind of experience you have had as a nanny.

You will need to learn about all the required skills before starting your work so that you don’t fail at any stage of your career. When applying for this position, it’s important that you don’t use any fancy terms like etiquette or showiness because employers prefer individuals who have real-life experience as opposed to those who just learned it on a course.

Uber Driver

One of the most popular part-time jobs international students can do while studying in Canada is being an Uber driver. In most cities and countries around the world, Uber drivers are becoming quite popular and people want to be able to make extra money without too much effort. As an Uber driver, you can earn up to $22 per hour which is great when you consider the fact that Uber drivers get bonuses if they hit certain milestones, such as 40 trips or 75 trips per week.


It’s very easy to find cooking jobs if you have an interest in food and love cooking. The pay may not be high but if you enjoy the kitchen and want to gain experience then this is a good part-time job for you. Most restaurants require their staff to wear uniforms so it is possible to buy these yourself or even create your own custom design.


If you have been out of work for a while then it is likely that you will have plenty of dust around the house and may not have much time to clean it. If you are someone who enjoys doing laundry then this could be a good way to spend some time during the day or on weekends while still getting paid.