Toronto’s Best Neighborhoods: 10 Top Places to Live Right Now

Here is an overview of some of the best neighborhoods in Toronto, Canada based on reviews:

1. Danforth: Rated as Toronto’s best neighborhood, Danforth offers residents quality restaurants, bars, shopping, and schools within its boundaries.

2. Bloor West Village: Known as Toronto’s top neighborhood, Bloor West Village offers a perfect balance of bustling activity and a cloistered atmosphere. It is safe, accessible, and has relatively affordable homes. The area is also close to trendy bars, restaurants, and the sprawling High Park.

3. Riverdale: This neighborhood boasts Riverdale Park East as its centerpiece, offering lush green spaces and recreational facilities. Riverdale is known for its vibrant streets, diverse food options, and a mix of apartments and houses. It is also conveniently located near subway stations and highly ranked schools.

4. Mount Pleasant East: Despite ongoing construction, Mount Pleasant East is expected to become a sought-after neighborhood once the LRT is complete. Affluent young parents are drawn to the area due to its strong schools, low crime rate, and easy access to the Yonge subway line. The district also features charming boutiques along Mount Pleasant.

5. Greektown: Despite facing challenges, Greektown has a resilient community that appreciates its vibrant streets, delicious food, and proximity to subway stations. The area offers a mix of apartments and houses, catering to various income levels.

6. Lawrence Park North: Although a trek from downtown, Lawrence Park North is a wealthy neighborhood with affluent families seeking safe streets and top-rated schools. The area is known for its suburban feel and high-income households.

7. Rosedale: Rosedale is a prestigious neighborhood known for its high rollers, mega-mansions, and proximity to golf and tennis clubs. While it lacks shopping and entertainment options, residents enjoy easy access to the subway and the leafy Rosedale Valley. The area has seen an increase in condo living, providing more housing options.

8. North Riverdale: This residential area offers great food options, instant transit access, and stunning views of the city skyline. It is also known for its abundance of doctors’ offices, clinics, and mental health services. However, the area has a low rate of home ownership and a decrease in housing prices.

9. Trinity Bellwoods: Trinity Bellwoods is a popular neighborhood among young, diverse residents who enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and proximity to Trinity Bellwoods Park. The area offers a range of coffee shops, stationery stores, and dive bars. However, the safety quotient could be better, with a higher number of assaults and thefts

10. Leaside Bennington: Leaside Bennington is an excellent neighborhood for families, with top-ranked schools, kid-friendly attractions like the Science Centre and Evergreen Brick Works, and a retail district with essential stores. The area has a high level of house ownership and has seen a seven percent year-over-year increase in house prices.