Tips On How To Study Efficiently While Working In Canada

International students prefer to study in Canada to get a better degree as Canadian degrees are recognized everywhere in the world and will help them eventually in securing a job for themselves. However, leaving your home country and studying there is a lot of cost and even if you can handle your tuition fees there you will still need to manage yourself once you get there.

For this reason, international students will have to get a job to help them with the financial burden they will be facing there. However, not all international students know how to manage the stress of attending classes and combining it with work as most people did not do that in their home country.


There are tips that you should follow and if you do you are sure to learn how to combine both (working and studying) efficiently.

Tips On Studying Effectively

As earlier stated, you should be able to balance both studying and working perfectly if you really put your mind to it. First and foremost you must create a timetable.

Create a TimeTable

When you create a timetable it helps you time manage yourself as well so you do not waste any time. Get all your course work for the semester and also have the semester’s calendar as this will help guide you on how to study harder.

At your place of work, get your schedule of work, know the time you should report to work, and when there might be a meeting with your employer (if any). This will really help you to balance both.

Be Friendly

This might sound funny but it is not when you are friendly to people at your school and workplace it makes it, even more, easier to manage both. When you are indisposed to report to school for any reason, your colleagues in school could help cover up for you.

In the same light, your employers can decide to ignore your absence at work because of school activities. When you are not friendly to both you will have a problem managing both of them.

Use Technology

There are various means to give yourself less stress, this is because maybe instead of jotting down every word during an oral class you could either record the class with your phone and dissect it properly in your free time or you could abbreviate some of the words while jotting.

Get Enough Rest

An unhealthy person can neither study nor work, try as much as you can to rest well. Do not break down when trying to combine both. Once you notice the stress is getting the better of you, you can just rest a while.

Ensure To Use Your Free Time Effectively

Your free time hardly combes by so when it does ensure to use it properly and judiciously. If you are on your way to work, you could just revise whatever you were taught in school that day so you will have a better comprehension of the topic.

Also, when you are on your lunch break, you should be able to have time for your books too.