Everything You Need to Know About Studying and Living in Canada

Canada Offers a Truly Multicultural Experience

Canada has a good reputation as one of the most welcoming and culturally diverse countries in the world. Over 25% of Canada’s population was born outside of its borders, representing almost every country globally. As an international student, you’ll experience unprecedented cultural exposure through your classmates, residence communities, student clubs and beyond. Canada embraces its multicultural identity, illustrated through nationally celebrated events like multifaith prayers and cultural festivals in cities. Immersing yourself in this melting pot is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and educational in itself. 

Pursue Top-Quality Education at Affordable Costs

While international student tuition for Canadian schools averages $20,000-$30,000 CAD per year, it remains significantly lower than comparable costs in the USA or UK. Additionally, many institutions and private organizations offer generous entrance scholarships, bursaries and awards purely based on academic excellence. Some scholarships like Ontario Graduate Scholarships can provide up to $15,000 annually for masters and PhD studies. Taking advantage of even one scholarship goes a long way in offsetting tuition. Furthermore, the relatively low cost of necessities like groceries, transportation and accommodation in Canada makes the overall cost of living very reasonable for students.

Gain Valuable Canadian Work Experience

One huge perk of studying in Canada is the ability to gain North American job experience through on-and off-campus employment. International student visas allow 20 hours of weekly work during semesters and unrestricted full-time hours in breaks. This presents the perfect opportunity to earn income, develop professionally relevant skills through jobs relating to your field of study, and network within Canadian industries. Some specialized programs like co-op degrees fully integrate multiple 6-month paid internships into the curriculum itself. Employers recognize the increased career-readiness of candidates with Canadian work experience on their resumes.

Live in Vibrant On-Campus Communities

On-campus housing at Canadian universities is consistently rated among the best globally. Most schools guarantee residency for first-year students to ease the transition. Multi-building complexes offer comfortable furnishing with high-speed WiFi, study lounges, fitness facilities, and convenient meal plan options. Alternatively, student neighborhoods near transit offer affordable independent housing shared between international flatmates. Regardless of your choice, the on-campus experience fosters lifelong friendships among a supporting community of global students adjusting to Canadian life together. Being immersed on campus enhances learning and makes the most of the college experience. 

Seamlessly Transition to Working Long-Term in Canada

A major appeal of Canadian education is the straightforward pathway to permanent residence post-graduation. Multi-year post-study work permits give alumni up to 3 years of invaluable Canadian experience eligible towards permanent residency processes. Over 80% of Canadian employers value the well-rounded global perspective and cultural adaptability international students gain. Combined with preferential immigration programs for skilled foreign graduates, staying in Canada to start your long-term career becomes very achievable with a degree from a Canadian university. The returns on investment in a Canadian education both personally and professionally are immense and long-lasting.