Stellenbosch University DeepMind Scholarship for Africans countries – Fully funded Apply Now

The first DeepMind Graduate Scholarship in Africa will come to Stellenbosch University.

Application Deadline: September 27, 2020

About the award: The artificial intelligence and machine learning experience on the African continent has been enhanced through prestigious scholarships awarded for postgraduate courses in applied mathematics, statistics, electrical and electronic engineering and information technology at Stellenbosch. University (SU).

SU is the first African university to receive these scholarships from DeepMind, a leading global firm in real-world artificial intelligence research based in London. DeepMind Fellowships were established in London in 2010 and are part of a broader institutional initiative to expand engagement in science and support the broader research ecosystem, including in Africa.

Five scholarships are awarded to University at Buffalo students who wish to pursue a two-year master’s degree in applied mathematics or computer science or a master’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering. Three more scholarships are awarded to University at Buffalo students admitted to doctoral studies in applied mathematics, computer science, electrical and electronic engineering, mathematical statistics, or statistics.

These scholarships will be available to students from across Sub-Saharan Africa who wish to conduct research related to machine learning, and the university will select recipients to begin their courses in 2021. The DeepMind scholarship program includes talented students from around the world groups that currently they are not underrepresented in devices. Learning, including women, is the support they need to study at the best universities. Fees are paid in full and fellows receive guidance and support from DeepMind mentors.

Type: Master’s, Doctorate (research-based)

Earning capacity:

The scholarships are open to anyone from Africa. Applicants from groups across the continent who are underrepresented in the global machine learning landscape will be favored. Selected candidates can be invited for online interviews.
The prerequisite for awarding the scholarships is formal admission to full-time study at Stellenbosch University with accreditation of a research topic on the subject of machine learning by the scholarship committee.
Eligible countries: Sub-Saharan Africa

Participation in (country): South Africa

Number of prizes: 8,000

Scholarship Worth: Scholarships include tuition fees, medical insurance, accommodation, living expenses, and the opportunity to attend international conferences. Recipients will also benefit from advice from DeepMind researchers.

How to apply: Apply here

It is important to check all application requirements on the award website (see link below) before applying.
Good luck may God reward you
Visit the award website for more details

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