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Study in Australia – International students
Australia Awards Fully Funded Scholarships are long-term scholarships administered by the Department of Trade and Foreign Affairs.

Australian Grants are designed to help meet the development needs of Australian partner countries in accordance with regional and bilateral agreements.

It offers people in developing countries, especially countries in the Indo-Pacific region, the opportunity to enroll full-time in Australian universities, technical education institutions and TAFEs for undergraduates or postgraduate.

The study and research opportunities offered by Australian scholarships develop people’s skills and knowledge to drive change and contribute to the development of their country.

Australian scholarships and achievements
The Fully Funded Australian Scholarships 2021 are offered for a minimum amount of time that a person needs to complete the academic program defined by the Australian higher education institution, including all preparatory training.

In general, the following benefits apply:

Covers all tuition fees.
Roundtrip flight for a cheap round trip flight to and from Australia via the direct route
Settlement allowance: one-off payment as a contribution towards accommodation costs, textbooks and learning materials
Cost of Living Contribution (CLE) – a bi-monthly contribution to the basic cost of living, paid at a rate set by the ministry.
Introductory Program (IAP): A compulsory pre-university program that provides information about living and studying in Australia.
Foreign Student Health Coverage (OSHC) for the duration of the scholarship (scholarship holder only) – to cover the scholarship holder’s basic medical costs (except for existing cases)
English Pre-Course Fee (PCE): If required, PCE may be available for students wishing to train in the country and / or Australia
Additional academic support may be available to ensure a student’s academic success or to enhance their academic experience.
Field research (for research grants and course-based masters with a research component that requires fieldwork) may be available to search for eligible students for round-trip airfare to the classroom . Economically via the most direct route to your country of citizenship or to Australia.

Australia awards scholarships
To qualify for the Australian scholarships, applicants must:

Be at least 18 years old on February 1st of the year
Start the scholarship
Be a citizen of a participating country (as listed on the Australian Awards website)
Stay and apply for the scholarship in your country
Not be an Australian citizen or have or are permanent residents of Australia
Apply for a visa to live in Australia permanently
Not to be married, engaged or de facto married to anyone
You are an Australian, New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
Time during the application, selection or mobilization phase (note: residents
However, nationalities from New Zealand, Cook Islands, Niue, and Tokelau are eligible to participate.
You must apply for a student visa [subclass 500] and are not currently doing military service
They never received a long term Australian award unless they did
I’ve lived outside Australia twice as long
In Australia (for example, a former beneficiary who traveled to Australia
Awards Australia’s four-year scholarship is not eligible
Another Australian scholarship for living outside Australia
For eight years)

Have met certain criteria set forth by the program area or
The government of the country of the applicant’s nationality (for example, worked
Several years in a suitable industry)
Be able to meet the admission requirements of the institution that
Task must be performed (This may mean that program areas must
Withdraw the quotation if the recipient cannot meet the organization’s requirements
Admission requirements. This may not be known until Program Areas A
Placement in selected institutions)
Be able to comply with all requirements of the Home Office to celebrate
Student visa. This might mean that Program Area A should be removed
Quotation if the recipient cannot meet the visa requirements
Do not apply for a scholarship for a lower academic level study program.
Then they have already passed (e.g. applying for a master’s scholarship, if
Already hold a PhD)
Applicants must inform the program area of ​​any contact or relationship
Personnel working in program areas (including local staff)
Managing contractors so that the application is correct and transparent
I managed.
Types of courses available to applicants.
Professional Training Courses (VET)
Basic course (core course)
Master classes
Doctoral programs (PhD)
How to apply for the Australia Scholarship 2021
Before applying:

Check the opening and closing dates for your country and select your country of citizenship / residency from the list of participating countries for specific information about eligibility, priority areas, and how to apply. You will find the opening and closing dates on the participating countries page.
If you wish to apply, be sure to read the Australia Scholarships Policy Handbook. The guide contains information about general entry requirements, selection procedures, and rights and obligations. Please note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade may review and update the guide at any time without prior notice.
Some countries encourage and allow you to apply online, while others require paper applications. You can find more information in the participating country profile.
Australia Scholarships 2021 Online Scholarships
Access to Australia’s Online Scholarship Information System (OASIS). When you register online, you will need to answer a few questions to determine your eligibility. You will then be given a unique registration number, username and password.

You do not need to submit your application immediately. You can create and update a draft application form with your supporting documents before the deadline specified in the respective participating country profile.

Once submitted, your application cannot be modified. We strongly encourage applicants who apply online to do so before the deadline. OASIS has maximum use in the days leading up to the deadline and there may be delays for applicants.

Please see the online user guide for the applicant for more information.

Australia scholarship period 2021
Applications will start on February 1, 2020. The deadline for applications for Australian Scholarships 2021 has been extended from April 30, 2020 to June 30, 2020.

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