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Canada Work and Vacation Visa 2020-2021 | Applying for a Work Permit for Vacation: Canada is a large country in North America and one of the most respected countries in the world. Canada is the second largest country in terms of land area, but not the most populous country. Canada is one of the top tourist and employment destinations. It is also the best country in terms of education. There are several reasons why people want to immigrate to Canada. We can find many people from different parts of the world in the North American nation.

Canada is known to offer better facilities not only for indigenous people but also for immigrants. The Canadian work and vacation visa is available to teenagers from over 30 different countries. The Canadian work and vacation visa is valid for up to 12 or 24 months depending on the worker’s country. These people have the opportunity to legally live and work in Canada. VISA Working Holiday in Canada 2020

Why apply for a work and vacation visa in Canada?

There are many reasons why people apply for a Canadian work and vacation visa. The Canada Work and Holiday Visa is a great opportunity for young people looking to work and gain experience in Canada for a while. There are many reasons young people immigrate to Canada on a vacation visa. Here is the list of factors that drive people to look for jobs for Canadian foreigners.

Nation relies on multiculturalism and immigrants: Canada is one of the industrialized countries that advocates multiculturalism. We can meet many people from different cultures in Canada. No matter where the immigrant comes from, the nation accepts people from different cultures.
10. Nation in the world economy: Canada is one of the economically strongest countries in the world. The country has a per capita income of $ 48,100. This shows that jobs in Canada are well paid and offer a great employment opportunity.
Canada’s Education System – This is another reason people apply for a Canadian work and vacation visa. The employee can access the best universities in the world while working. The education system is one of the top attractions people ask about in order to get a Canada vacation visa.
Canada’s Development in Technology: Today, most young people find it interesting to work in technology, and it is the primary industry in Canada. Young people want to work in the technical industry and apply for a Canadian work and vacation visa.
Low cost and high quality of life: Although Canada is a developed country, the cost of living in the country is very low and the quality of life is also high. Young people would like to work for less in the country and Canada is perfect for that.
Employment Opportunities: The employment rate in Canada is very high, making it easy for young people to find employment there. The unemployment rate is only 5% and young people find it easy to apply for work in Canada. The nation also offers one of the greatest employment opportunities when compared to other developed countries.
Vacation and Vacation – This is another great attraction for young people applying for a Canada work and vacation visa. Canadian companies offer their employees vacations for a period of time. Companies pay their employees for a certain number of public holidays and vacations.
Apply for Canada Express Entry: Teenagers can also apply for Canada Express Entry for Canadian businesses while on vacation. This enables young people to live and settle in Canada.
What is Canada Express Entry and how can individuals on a Canadian Working Holiday Visa apply for Express Express?

Express entry to Canada

Express Entry is an application management system used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to manage and process applications received under three of Canada’s skilled worker immigration programs. Express Entry is a system for organizing and processing applications from people who want to immigrate to Canada and acquire permanent residence in Canada.

Express Entry is used to process most immigration applications to Canada for skilled and trained workers wishing to come to Canada. Basically, Canada Express Entry is used to provide permanent residence in the workforce

How Express Entry Works?

Canada Express Entry is a competitive system that ranks all the eligible candidates and invites the top candidate for applying in the same.

  • Knowing the eligibility: The first step is knowing the eligibility if the applicant is eligible to apply for the Express Entry or not and if the applicant is eligible for the same.
  • Getting the documents ready: After knowing the eligibility of the applicants the applicant needs to get the documents ready. It includes various documents like language test certificates and others.
  • Create a Profile: After the submission of the required documents, the applicant needs to check their score and submit their profile. The applicants give their information about themselves in the profile. The applicants will be accepted in the pool of candidates if they are eligible.
  • Receive an invitation and apply for the Express Entry: The applicant will then be called to apply for the permanent residence based on the score received if he is eligible.

Canada Entry Express Application Process

  • Getting documents Ready: After knowing which program, one is eligible for, the applicant needs to get the documents ready for the process. They must submit their documents as a passport, language test results, educational assessment report, provincial nomination, and job offer if they have one. In addition to these documents, the applicant must submit police certificates, medical exams, and proof of funds. The provided documents will be uploaded in the profile later.
  • Submit Profile: After the submission of all the documents and approval for the next process, the applicant must submit their profile for further steps. The applicant is required to fill out the online form for further processing. During the process, the applicant should submit the documents and will be called in various rounds of invitations for interviews and other processes.
  • Receive an invitation and apply for permanent residence: The applicants receive an invitation and hence may apply for permanent residence in Canada. The whole Canada express entry application process takes almost 6 months to complete and the applicant may receive the invitation for permanent residence in Canada.

The Canada Express Entry will be provided on the basis of the points that the immigrants receive. Hence, the points are very important for the same. The applicant who wants to immigrate to Canada must keep in mind about the program he/she is applying to. The applicants must submit the original data and documents for the Express Entry. The Canada Express Entry program helps the immigrant to be a permanent resident of Canada.

What is the IEC Working Holiday Visa in Canada program?

IEC working holiday visa in Canada is a program offered by the Canadian government to the youngsters above 18 and below 35 to work in Canada for a certain amount of time and experience the Canadian lifestyle as well.

This visa allows the youngsters to work in Canada for 12 to 24 months at maximum. This visa gives an opportunity to the youngsters for traveling and gaining working experience. The applicant can apply for IEC working holiday visa in Canada by checking the eligibility based on different factors as:

  • Country of citizenship
  • Country the applicant is in currently and the status in that country
  • Studying status

How to get a Working Holiday visa in Canada?

Working Holiday VISA in Canada 2020In order to get a working holiday visa in Canada, the applicant at first must know whether they are eligible for the visa or not. There are various steps to get the visa as:

  1. Checking the eligibility
  2. Creating a Profile
  3. Get invitation to apply
  4. Fill the forms and do other necessary things as submitting the documents
  5. Processing the application to get the visa

Eligibility to Apply for Working Holiday

The first step to applying for a job as a working visa in Canada is by knowing whether the applicant is eligible or not for the working holiday visa. In order to be eligible for the visa:

  • The applicant must be above 18 and less than 30 in age
  • The applicant must be from a country or territory that allows applying for an IEC work permit.
  • The applicant must use a RO to apply for the visa

The government provides visa for different pools based on travel and work experiences:

  • Working holiday: This category is for those youngsters who don’t have a job offer, want to work for more than one company and in different locations and earn money in order to travel. This permit is an open work permit.
  • Young Professionals: This category is for those youngsters who have a job offer in Canada that contributes to professional development and work for the same company in the same location. The work must be paid and not self-employed under this category. This permit is an employer-specific work permit.
  • Internship: This category is for those youngsters registered at a post-secondary institution as students, have a job offer in the nation, need to work to complete the studies and work for a single employer in a single location. Job offers are provided by popular recruitment agencies in Canada.

How to Create Working Holiday in Canada Profile?

The next step to apply for a working visa in Canada is by creating a working holiday in Canada profile. To create a working holiday in Canada profile the applicant must become a candidate.

In order to create a profile:

  1. The applicant must answer a few questions like country of citizenship, permanent residence, temporary residence, and student or job offer in Canada which applies.
  2. The applicant should create an IEC profile after answering the questions. The applicant must fill the online form and submit the profile. This is the only way to apply and get an IEC work permit.

How to Become a Candidate for Working Holiday?

After knowing the eligible pool, the applicant must become a candidate of the pool to apply for a working visa in Canada. To be a candidate the applicant should find which pool the applicant is available for by answering some questions. The applicant must create an IEC profile after that in order to continue the process for an IEC visa.

How to Apply for Holiday Work Permit in Canada?

After becoming the candidate and submitting the profile, the applicant must know how to apply for the visa. There are a few things one must remember before applying for a working visa in Canada.

  • Know the date and time of the deadline: After receiving the ITA for a work permit, the applicant will receive a message with the deadline. The applicant must accept the ITA to submit the work permit application. The applicant has 20 days before the deadline ends to submit the application.
  • Complete the online form: The applicant must complete the online form and fill all the required fields before submitting it.
  • Submit the required documents: The applicant must submit a few documents in order to apply for the visa. Some of these documents are:
    • Proof of financial support
    • Medical exams
    • Health insurance
    • Police certificates
    • CV/ resume
    • Passport
    • Digital Photo
    • Family Information
    • ETA or Visitor Visa Application
  • Pay the fees: The applicants must as well pay the fees it costs to apply to IEC. There are different ways of paying the fees that depend on the country the applicant is living on.
  • Submit complete application: The next process is submitting the complete application by filling the mandatory field, paying the fees, and submitting the color scanned required documents needed.
  • Submit the biometrics: The applicant needs to submit the fingerprint and photos after submitting the full application. An email will be sent to the applicants stating how the biometrics can be submitted. The applicants must submit the biometrics within 30 days of receiving the email.

What After Application?

After the application is submitted, the applicants can do the following:

  • Processing the application: The application submitted may be returned without processing if it is incomplete and the applicant may be asked to go to an interview with the officials or send more information. The processing time is 4 weeks generally.
  • Approval of application: After the application is approved, the applicant receives POE letter in the account. The applicant must bring the POE to Canada to show it to a border service officer. The letter must be shown at the port on or before the expiry date.
  • Refusal of application: If the application is refused, the applicant will receive a letter of explanation.
  • Withdrawal of application: The applicant can withdraw the application by using the web form available. The request will be reviewed within 3 to 5 business days. The applicant will be refunded with a participation fee and permit fee if applied for a working holiday visa if it is approved.


The working holiday visa has a lot of limitations and is only given to the youngsters but it is full of different benefits. The youngsters may apply to the same and will be totally beneficial for the youngsters.


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