2020/2021 Canada Scholarships for International Students – Fully Funded

The Study in Canada scholarship program aims to improve the opportunities for Canadian post-secondary institutions to accept international students from around the world. The full-time internship must take place at a Canadian university in Canada.

The Study in Canada scholarship program is open to students of all academic disciplines for programs of up to two academic years at the post-secondary level leading to a diploma, post-secondary or graduate diploma, or diploma academic, technical or master’s degree. vocational school run by the University of Canada.

To be considered for a scholarship, applicants must first apply for and be accepted into an academic program at a Canadian post-secondary institution. The Canadian Post-Secondary Education Foundation is responsible for the grant application on behalf of the applicant.

Canadian post-secondary institutions that have successful applications will receive a contribution agreement to administer and distribute the scholarships to recipients.

Financial Aid and Benefits of Canada Scholarships 2020/2021
The value of the scholarship depends on the duration, level and program of study.

Up to CAD 60,000 for the academic year with a minimum of 8 months and a maximum of 12 months
Up to $ 120,000 for a period of two academic years for a maximum period of 24 months
In addition to the funding provided by DFATD to grantees, the Canadian host institution may charge a one-time fee of CAD 500 per grantee to cover administrative costs once the grantee arrives in Canada.

Eligible costs from the amount of the grant:
Visa and / or study / work permit and / or travel costs related to the collection of biometric data
An economy class flight only for scientists to Canada by the most direct and cheapest route and a return ticket at the end of the scholarship. For two-year bachelor’s degree programs with a mid / spring / summer semester that do not require full-time study or other academic activity to complete the program, a return ticket for the additional business semester in Canada / student region.
Health insurance
Tuition and other fees required to earn a full-time university degree, post-secondary or graduate certificate, or master’s degree
The only cost of the companion’s living, such as shelter, supplies and food
Public road transport, including a public transport license
Books and materials necessary for the beneficiary’s study or research, excluding computers.
The benefits vary depending on the terms and conditions and the duration of the scholarship.

Canadian scholarships 2020/2021 Duration and deadline
The application period runs from February 5 to March 31, 2020.

The scholarships are sustainable for a minimum of one academic year (8 months) and a maximum of two academic years (a total of 24 months) which must begin between August 2020 and February 2021.

Eligibility for Canadian scholarships 2020/2021
To be considered for a scholarship, nominated students:

You must be a citizen of one of the following eligible countries: Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Comoros, Djibouti, Fiji, Kazakhstan, Kiribati, Liberia, Mauritania, Micronesia, Palau, Tonga, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Vanuatu. Palestinians from the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem are also eligible.
You cannot be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and you cannot have an application for permanent residence pending in Canada.
Must apply for and be accepted for full-time study at a Canadian post-secondary institution;
You must indicate your interest in registering for the Canadian Scholarship Program when you apply for admission to a Canadian institution.
You must have the language skills necessary to study in the language of instruction at a Canadian post-secondary institution (English or French).
Canadian post-secondary institutions are:

Responsible for submitting applications on behalf of eligible applicants; And the
You are encouraged to advertise this scholarship opportunity on relevant institutional websites (such as admissions, the Office for International Students, and external scholarship websites) through faculties and staff as well as partners. Post-secondary institutions in eligible countries / areas.

2020/2021 Canadian Scholarship Application Process.
The scholarship program in Canada is open to students of all specialties.

Canadian post-secondary institutions may apply on behalf of an accredited student who has met the eligibility criteria and has demonstrated an interest in the Canadian Scholarship Program.

Canadian Postsecondary Institutions:

You must submit your application on behalf of the candidate (s) by submitting the online application form and uploading all supporting documents in a timely manner.
You can place multiple orders, but they should be organized according to your strategic priorities. And the
You must designate a person responsible for coordinating and classifying all requests sent to the organization.
Canadian post-secondary institutions are encouraged to read the instructions carefully before proceeding with the online application. For more information, see the Canada Scholarship International Aid Application Tool website.

If post-secondary institutions are having difficulty completing or submitting the form, they should email Scholarships-bourses@cbie.ca.

Canadian institutions of post-secondary education must:

Complete an online application for each candidate.
Postsecondary organizations that do not have an account must first create an account.
Once the account is created and activated, log in. In the “Non-Canadians” section, scroll down to the “Scholarships in Canada” option and click “Apply Now.”
Enter data in the fields marked as required by following the instructions for each field, or copy and paste the data from another source. I feel so:
The applicant’s name must exactly match the name on the passport or travel document.
Upload all necessary supporting documents.
When done, review the data and documents before submitting.
Print the form for your records using the browser’s print function.
Click ‘Submit’ to submit the online form to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD). A confirmation letter and reference number are automatically generated.

Apply for the Canadian Scholarships 2020/2021

Visit the Official Canada Scholarship Website 2020/2021

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